Things to Know About Grand Canyon National Park Before You Travel There

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Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th national site in the United States situated along North West of Arizona. The park is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World and in 1979 it was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park expanses for more than 4926 square kilometers along with the counties of Mohave and Coconino. It accounts for more than six million visitors annually making it the second most visited parks in the United States after the Great Smoky Mountains.

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Before that check out these amazing facts about Grand Canyon National Park before you visit there:

  • The park’s main highlight is the gorge of the Colorado River which is recognized as one of the Wonders of the World.
  • The Grand Canyon has mainly celebrated for its extensive tributary canyons and the extensive layers of exposed colorful rocks that date back to the Precambrian period.
  • The South Rim is home to Arizona State Route 64, a driving tour with several points of interest like the Hermits Point, the Mohave point, the Powell memorial and the desert view which is located 25 miles away.
  • Other activities on the South Rim include walking tours along the Rim Trail, the pipe creek viewpoint, Mather point up to the south entrance.
  • North Rim is more popular for offering amazing sunset views along the Cape Royal Point, the historic Grand Canyon Lodge, Point Imperial, Roosevelt Point, Cape Royal.
  • North Rim is also home to amazing trails like the Widfross trail, transept trail, Uncle Jim’s trail, north Kaibab trail, Bright angel trail, etc.

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