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Most Beautiful Beaches in Helsinki, Finland

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Helsinki is located on the south of Finland along the Uusimaa region. It is by far one of the most populate urban cities in Finland and also an important hub for all commercial undertakings , politics, education, culture, research and tourism. This urban metropolis was designated as the World Design Capital in 2012 and was the venue for 1952 Summer Olympics. Helsinki ranks the 9th when it comes to the liveliest cities on earth. Helsinki is also home to one of the finest beaches the most popular one being Hanko, Yteri, Kalajoki, Aland Island, etc.

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Here are some of the best beaches in Helsinki:

  1. Aland Island: Aland Island partially forms part of Finland and offers a charming seaside view. There is plenty of small island series with shallow sandy waters. This island makes great swimming, snorkeling, and fishing site.
  2. Hanko Beach: Hanko Beach is a historic beach, a 19th-century beach with amazing sceneries. It used to be a popular spa area for Russian nobles, today it is a popular getaway destination for the locals. The shorelines have been dotted with plenty of colorful cafes, shops, hotels, and bathing huts.
  3. Yyteri Beach: Yyteri Beach is another popular beach located in the western region of Finland. This region is notable for its pure and magnificent dunes that stretch for almost 6km. It is one of the longest beaches in Finland and is one of the best places for an ultimate summer getaway for the locals here. Other interest here includes the spas, golf course, surfing, volley beach, riding, hiking, etc.

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