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Amazing places to see while you are in Beacon, New York

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With more than 19 million residents New York is the fourth most populated city in the United States. It is home to some of the most beautiful towns located along with Dutchess County, New York. It was named in order to commemorate the beacon fires that alerted the Continental Army from the British troop movements. It is a city jam-packed with upcoming artists, modern art museums, iconic landmarks, amazing landscapes, and great places to enjoy endless outdoor activities.

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Here are some of the most beautiful places worth visiting while you are in Beacon, New York:

Beacon Mountain

Beacon Mountain or Mount Beacon is the highest peak in the town of Fishkill, Beacon. The two summits of this peak rise above the Hudson River and can be seen from Newburgh and the entire city.  The northern peak stands at 1531ft tall while the southern summit stands at 1610 feet and it is also home to a fire lookout tower. Owing to its extensive road system and hiking trails it has become a popular spot for hiking, cycling, biking, skiing, etc.

Pollopel Island

Pollopel Island is situated on the Hudson River. It is a 6.5-acre island that features a Bannerman’s Castle (abandoned military warehouse) and it is often called by many names like Bannerman’s Island, Pollopel’s Islands, etc.  The island stretches for 50 miles on the north and almost 1000feet along the eastern banks of Hudson River.

Storm King Mountain

Storm King Mountain forms the weight or the Wind Gate narrows of the Hudson Highlands. This mountain is located at the west banks of Hudson River and features a distinctive curved-ridge which is a popular subject for artists and painter in the Hudson River School.

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